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Get a free QR code with no strings attached.  No Trial periods, no rug pulls just a QR code you own forever! Over 3,330,000 QR Codes created!

TraffiQR Pro Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed!

QR Code Generator

  • Create Unlimited QR Codes with our easy to use auto generator.


  •  Access to the TraffiQR Control Center allows you to manage your QR Codes and get useful Analytics.

URL Shortener

  • Get a short URL to make it easy for customers to enter on phones without bar code scanners.  Make your marketing fully accessible. Every QR Code has a corresponding Short URL that goes to the same destination URL.  This also makes the QR code less complex so it can be printed smaller and will scan faster. 

Custom QR Codes

  • Our generator can place your logo automatically from your website. Get access to QR Code variations and framed versions to add an extra bit of design to the otherwise boring black and white square.

Recycled QR Codes

  • Recycle QR Codes can go to new URL’s when you change promotions or get something better to share. Don’t waste old advertising when you want to change promotions,  just login to the TraffiQR Control Center and change the QR Code destination URL.

Pro Plugins

  • WordPress and Aweber Plugins to Expand the possibilities of this already powerful QR Code Generator software.

All your QR codes in one dashboard that provides you with complete control of your brand

Email: [email protected] to learn more. 
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